Nano-Ice Cooling Necklace

Nano-Ice Cooling Necklace








Ease Of Use



  • Cools you down quickly, relieving symptoms
  • Makes summers and hot weather more bearable
  • Helps get us out of the house and moving
  • Pretty style


  • Heavier than regular necklaces
  • Doesn't last all day

POTS often makes it difficult for our bodies to regulate temperature, and that includes overheating, without the ability to cool down. Many potsies also don’t have the ability to sweat enough to cool them down. Plus, sweating using up the precious fluids that we work so hard to get into our bodies. It’s no wonder we have great difficulties in hot weather.

This cooling necklace works very quickly, and using it is straightforward. The first time you put it into the freezer, let it cool down for 3-4 hours at least. When you take it out just put it around you neck (there is no clasp, as it is a large necklace) and voila! You begin to cool down.

I’ve found that cooling down quickly with the necklace also helps with other POTS symptoms, since they get worse from overheating. Certain routines and trips that I used to dread, I can no partake in without fear. This necklace has been invaluable to me for controlling my symptoms.

If you go on a long trip, you may want to bring a cooler with one extra necklace. The necklace may last you anywhere from 1-3 hours, depending on the temperature (of you and your environment). I’ve had my necklace for almost two years now, and I feel as though the duration of cooling was longer when the necklace was new. However, one reviewer on Amazon says their necklace has worked better the more they used it. Either way, 1 hour of cooling is guaranteed.

Also, the necklace is not wet. It is made of beads which contain the liquid solution which freezes. That means you can wear it to school, on a date, etc. I’ve actually had more compliments on this necklace than any other jewelry I’ve worn (and that’s without telling them it’s for cooling!)

Overall, a great tool for managing symptoms.

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