Bed and Leg Wedge Pillow Set

Bed and Leg Wedge Pillow Set








Ease Of Use



  • Can increase blood volume
  • Helps with heartburn symptoms
  • Comfortable
  • Machine-washable cover


  • May be difficult to get used to

Low blood volume is a common issue for POTS patients. Much of the suggested treatment for POTS involves increasing blood volume, either through diet or medication. Another way to increase blood volume is by sleeping on a slight incline. Some people refer to this as “inclined bed therapy”. It has been used by NASA astronauts to help manage the deconditioning they experience in space due to lack of gravity.

I was desperate for a way to quickly increase my blood volume, because I was suffering from my arms and feet falling asleep multiple times throughout he night. At the time I wasn’t on any prescription medicine for increasing blood volume, and it water/salt therapy was not enough.

It took roughly three days of sleeping on the bed wedge before my problem with arms and legs falling asleep was gone. I also noticed some of my POTS symptoms improved a little throughout the day (lightheadedness, shortness of breath), although I still felt pretty crummy in the morning.

There were also times that my acid reflux was bad at nighttime, and the wedge helped with that as well.

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