CamelBak 2017 M.U.L.E. Hydration Pack









Ease of Use


A hydration pack is a marvelous invention for a potsie. Whether you’re biking, hiking or going to a festival, there’s no comfort like having 3 Liters of water ready when you need it.

CamelBak has been making hydration packs for years, and they are renowned for their high quality and cutting edge technology. This model, in particular, features a “Crux Reservoir” which allows for 20% more fluid per gulp. The pack is also lightweight compared to other models.

The price can be high (over $100), but some colors sell for much less (~40% off). In terms of value – it’s well worth the price, especially if you plan to use it multiple times a year. Having multiple compartments means you might also be able to ditch your other bag or purse and only use the CamelBak for your trip.

The reservoir can hold up to 3 L of any fluid. If you plan to use anything other than water with electrolytes, you may want to clean it more often than if you were to just use water. Cleaning the reservoir is straightforward, but a little tiresome. Personally, I only rinse it with water in between uses, by running warm water through the entire reservoir once. There’s a thorough cleaning guide on the CamelBak website.

I’ve found that in terms of “getting your life back”, having a quality hydration pack helps a lot!

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