Besjex Compression Thigh High Stockings

Besjex™ Compression Thigh High Stockings








Ease Of Use



  • Works instantly
  • Improves circulation
  • Prevents blood clots


  • Takes work to put on
  • May feel too tight

This was the first product I tried, after self-diagnosing with POTS. I still feel stunned at how quickly it made a difference in my shortness of breath, and my ability to stay upright throughout the day. In terms of effectiveness, I found this very effective.

Like many compression products, it is a bit cumbersome to get on. I’ve found that if I wear it, I usually wear it for at least half of the day. I’ve also worn these frequently when flying by plane, since I get a lot of symptom flare-ups while traveling. Also, the area on the thigh that holds up the stockings can get comfortable after extended wear. A temporary solution I use is to roll the stockings down a little and rest until the discomfort goes away, and then rolling them back up when I need to be on my feet again.

Some websites recommend compression tights instead of high stockings, because the added compression in the pelvic area relieves symptoms even further. Personally, I really enjoy the thigh high style. I’ve found that regular tights can be a nuisance when needing to repeatedly empty the 3 L of water I drank throughout the day. From that perspective, the thigh-highs are very convenient.

Overall, these stockings provided a good, quick improvement of my symptoms.

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